I’m not sure there’s a way to spell, “Arghngh!”

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” 
― Allen Saunders

I was thinking about the people I know today.  All of us have these silly little plans and ideas about how to make life go.  We decide on a route for our lives, and then watch as it all falls apart around us.  So what do we do when we get to these crossroads, these moments when we can change everything?
When we started that new adventure three and a half years ago, we didn’t know where it would take us.  We still don’t.  But we had a plan.  That plan changed in a lot of ways.  I don’t know that we would have planned for it to take us to this point, but here we are.  Life happened anyway.  For the last year though, we have been stuck in limbo, unable to more forward.  Life felt like it was waiting for something to give.  We have felt so stuck.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” 
― George Bernard Shaw

The kind of stuck where nothing is moving; a bottleneck on the freeway of life.  Most of the reason that I haven’t felt inspired lately.  My brain is too full from everything else that is going on to cut out the noise and work the way I need it to.  Full of worry from not being able to find a place to live after looking and applying for 7 months.  Worry about jobs and cars and having a 2-year old and everything else that surrounds a person in our modern world.
Stuck in neutral is no way to move forward.  It makes everything seem tied up.  And the more you try to move forward, the less headway you make.  It takes more effort just to stay in the same place.

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”
― Albert Einstein

For far too long, I have felt that I am standing still; haven’t been able to travel, haven’t had a place to live, haven’t been able to finish the things that I want to work on.  Finally, after a three-year wait and a seven-month search, we have found a place to live.  We have two trips planned and paid for over the next 6-weeks.  I am writing again.  Life is strange and hard and crazy.  It will keep after you and keep pushing you.  You have to keep moving.
The jam is starting to clear and everything is moving again.  Things are still unknown, and life is still throwing curve balls, but finally things are happening.  And I am so excited for it.