“Yer a wizard…”

iTunes recently had the Harry Potter series on sale, and I went ahead and plunked down some cash for all eight movies. Before long I was two movies in and had the strongest urge to reread the books. I finished the first book in less than two days. I’m being irritated that other responsibilities are distracting me in my quest to do the same for the second.

There is something about the books that I love; the adventure perhaps, the writing is strong, and the stories certainly hold up. But I think the part that I love the most, is the idea that magic is hiding just out of sight.

That behind a brick wall in London is an alley where all manner of magical things can be found. That the strange person you saw out the window of a train was actually a wizard on their way to some endeavor. That the cat prowling through the neighborhood is really an animagus in disguise.

My imagination has always run wild; the idea of flying on a broomstick, casting spells or riding dragons was never far away. To have stories like that at my fingertips is too much to hope for.

I like the good and evil nature of the stories too. Voldemort is the ultimate evil, the Death Eaters  (whose name may as well be a Black Metal band) with their Dark Marks are plainly on the opposite side of truth, justice, and apple pie. Conversely, how much better can Harry Potter be. Or Professor McGonagall or Hermione. They stand in direct opposition, and it is nice in our world to have the simplicity.

It is nice to think that in some corner of our world, that it would be so easy to learn the truth with veritasium. That you can plainly see who the bad guys are with their Dark Marks. That you can tell when someone has committed an unforgivable curse or used underage magic. Or just that you can enchant a scrubber to do the dishes.

The Harry Potter books hold a special place for me, for the same reason as Doctor Who; the strange in the world is just the wonder leaking out. Magic is everywhere, we just aren’t looking hard enough.

Until next time, my friends, good night and good luck.

Life Changes

Life changes.

Everyone says the only constants are death and taxes, but let’s be real; those two can’t be trusted not to change on you in the space of half a heartbeat.

Almost two years ago, I said I was going to take a break from the blog to focus on writing a novel. I expected it to take a year. It hasn’t. And that’s alright, it takes time to craft ideas and get the ideas that are in your head onto paper, and then once they are there you realize that it didn’t work out the way you expected and you have to go back and rewrite a whole chapter, but now that doesn’t work with this and it all has to change.

And it does all have to change. That’s what life is, change. The constant moving and struggle and racing until finally the constant that isn’t a constant catches up to you, and everything changes again.

We talk about counting on people, on being there for others. We talk about how fast the years go by and how long a day is. The universe is changing around us, tomorrows become yesterdays, and we just keep riding the waves of time, hoping to find a quiet beach to read a book or take a nap. That might just be me, though. I have a five year old.

Thanksgiving was just a couple of days ago, so perhaps I have been thinking about being thankful. About appreciating the things in life that we have, rather than what we are running to. Or running from. The Autumn is a great time for this, to curl up next to a window, watch the rain, and sip some tea, thinking about our lives and taking stock.

So thank you. Thank you for reading, however sporadically things are posted. Thank you for being a part of this world. Thank you being you.

Until next time, friends, stay hungry…