This is why I drink coffee.

How my day has gone:

12:03am – Bed.

12:06am – Police helicopter begins circling.

12:07am – Turn on Friends reruns.

12:34am – Police helicopter finally decides to go bother someone else.  Back to sleep

1:07am – Awoken by cries of toddler in extreme duress.  Or just doesn’t want to sleep in his crib.

1:11am – Yeah, it was that last one.

3:36am – Toddler has been laying on my arm for two hours and the pain in my hand has become unbearable.

3:40am – Return from bathroom to find toddler has taken over my spot.  The dog’s bed beckons.

5:03am – Awoken by kick to face by toddler.

6:00am – Awoken by wife leaving for work.  “Just wanted to say goodbye.”  Sweet.

6:33am – Toddler realizes wife has left for work.  This displeases him.  Loudly.

7:27am – Toddler wakes up and decides that cartoons are necessary.  Loudly.

7:28am – I turn on cartoons and try to understand what happened to my night.

8:01am – He’s dressed.  That’s all we’re going to say.

8:05am – I begin my attempt to get ready while keeping him from tossing everything out of the bathroom cabinets.

8:14am – I start breakfast.  I have secured him in his high chair.  There is peace in our time.

8:44am – I suspect that he has begun chemical warfare.

8:45am – He has.

9:01am – We make it out the door.

9:37am – I drop him off at school.  He gives me a hug and waves when I leave.

Worth it.

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