It’s the little things, man…

I have a problem; I enjoy podcasts.  That in and of itself is not so much a problem, but the fact that I keep finding new ones and having to listen to back episodes, which puts my behind on newer episodes of my older podcasts.  Which means that right now, I have so many un-listened to hours of podcasts left, that the apocalypse will occur and I’m not going to be aware because I will have headphones in, trying to hear the final 15 minutes of “Hello Internet” or “RadioLab.”

I’m not saying these are real problems, and somehow they seem incredibly small, but it is little annoyances like this that really et to you.  Like having to take my car in for a Smog check, or that I have several (from what I’ve heard) excellent games on my computer that have yet to be played.  It is those day to day things that get in the way, that distract you from what you really need to be doing.

Like right now.  I should be reading a novel in preparation for a project.  I should be preparing a writing challenge that starts next week and I should be drafting out next weeks post and I should be doing some preparation on the long form project.  Instead, I’m sitting in a coffee shop drinking a dirty chai and writing a blog post about how hard it is to see past the little annoyances in life.

See what I mean?

Let me know what you think.

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