Relative Thoughts of a 32-year-Old

I’m going to be real with you guys for a minute; it is almost my birthday. This has put me in a thoughtful mood. About all the things I thought I would do before I got into my thirties; the trips I would go on, and the books I would write. The house bought and the career settled. Oh how things change.

I know that this isn’t how life works out. Absolutely no one starts and finishes the path they thought they would. And that is ok. That is part of the joy and adventure that is life. But if we don’t set goals, things we strive for and work towards, then we are just bumbling along with no vision for the future. Even if your plan is to see where life takes you, that is still a plan.

Maybe it would be better if I looked at the boxes I’ve checked: a pretty awesome kid, a job I enjoy, I get to write (almost) every day, and I have incredible friends. I have a wife that I love and that loves me. I have my parents. I continue to survive the lies my own brain tells me. I don’t want for anything my life needs. I can drink coffee.

That’s a better list. The other list…well, those things just haven’t happened yet.

The next adventure is out there.
Is it too late to add get a tattoo to the list?

One thought on “Relative Thoughts of a 32-year-Old

  1. Your checklist has all the right things. You have accomplished so much. So much more to do because you have so much more life to live. If you had accomplished it all by 32, you would be bored and you would not have had time to enjoy what you did. I’m so happy to hear you recognize that. And excuse me but you failed to mention the awesome favorite Aunt you have on the checklist. Okay, Aunts….

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