Life & Recap

It’s been quite a week. Pitchers and catchers reported for Spring Trainig, which is always exciting. The weather has been insane, with temperatures in either the 80’s or the 60’s and some rain to boot!  My little family has been pretty sick, and my work load is in for some new challenges.

It’s always nice to stop and take stock. Enjoy the moments as they pass. The host of a podcast I listen to, Chris Hardwick of The Nerdist Podcast, said, “Learn from the past, plan for the future, live in the present.”  I think that’s exactly right.

We can get so caught up in election years, taxes, work, and the myriad of disasters and “high priorities,” that we lose sight of life happening right in front of us.

So go hug a parent, watch some birds, take a breath. Challenge yourself to take a photo a day, write a journal, buy a new book. Take a moment to enjoy the day.


So let’s recap the week!
There is so much that has happened over the last few days around Apple and the FBI.  Please do some research. This is an important issue and one we should all be educated about.  Check out this LA Times article which describes some of the recent developments.

Also,check out last weeks post, Trip Planning.

Let me know what you think.

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