The New Holland Solution

Hi all! Not Jeff here. You can call me Krisann, or Not-Jeff. Whatever works.

Thanks so much for joining me for this week’s guest post while our pal is off on vacation adventures. Doesn’t a vacation sound marvelous? Let’s all take a moment to be angry with Jeff together, for happening to be on vacation while the rest of us are not. Yes, that feels better.

For my part, I’m fairly certain the next vacation I take is going to be a sleepcation. I’m going to hire someone to watch my children, wake up with them at all hours (or at the very least, at their usual 5:30am… shudder!) and settle myself into a climate-controlled, housekeeping-assisted, fluffy bed. I’ll wake up as soon as my body tells me to. Then I’ll roll over and go back to sleep a little longer than that, because I’m in charge and my body doesn’t get to tell me what to do and this may be our only chance, body! Get in all the sleep you can! Now or never!

I digress.

Today I’m excited to debut the first of my new series, The Colonies.

This first story is actually a scene from a play, set in the future but acknowledging the modern contexts of progress, politics, and self interests leading to the repeating of historical choices, and in this case, flying in the face of one man’s hope for the species to evolve into something more noble. I’m sure we can all identify in some measure, at the moment.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to me for permissions info if you have a scene group in need of performance materials. (Now Hark This!)

Hope you enjoy. PDF below.



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