Love is such a difficult emotion to put a definition to.  We love foods, or coffee.  We love places, and books, and activities.  We love individuals and groups and bands.  We love our animals, and we love movies.

Our families and friends have our love and affection.  We shower significant people with our love, or they cease to be significant in one form or another.  But try to define what that feeling is.  Butterflies in the stomach?  A nervous look?  These might be early love, but they certainly are not what relationships grow to become.  There is the love of parents, the love we have for our children, and the love we have with our siblings.  The love we have for our other halves.  But none of these are the same.

Very often, we spend so much time trying to decide what love is, we forget that it is an emotion; a temorary state of being.  That true love takes time to develop.  But what if this feeling we call love, isn’t really love at all.

Everyone has this notion that love has to be the strongest emotion.  That you can’t love someone you just met.  That love must grow or develop.  That it has to be a deeper insight into our souls.  But what if love is just that: Love.  Goodwill towards the rest of mankind.  The positive side of the coin.  What if Love is what happens when we find peace.  The peace of our family and friends.  Of our companions and our comforts.  Our favorites things and places.  What if Love, really is everywhere.

Because if you look, you will see it hiding in plain sight.

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