Look, we’ve been here before.  So full of hope and eagerness.  The anticipation flowing between the two of us, electric and new.  The promise of a new relationship and all of the things that means.

The last time was…let’s be honest, a disaster.  We had an expectation problem.  We had years to sit and dream about what it would be like.  The chance to recapture that feeling from our first fling, and maybe start something new.  But it just never felt…well, it just never felt how we always thought it would.  And that’s on both of us really, we should have tempered ourselves, had realistic expectations.  Maybe not been so selfish.

But here we are again; it’s been a little while now, and we’ve both had a chance to grow and mature.  We can still remember that glow from so long ago, and so we are all prepared to set aside our differences from the last time, really commit to this new chapter in our lives.

We’ve had months, years really, of flirting.  Of teases and small peeks.  Of whispers in the office and sneaking off to look at your pictures at 3am.  I have found that you are all I can think about.  And I’m about to find out the truth.  If you’ve been worth all these thoughts and hopes, all the mental and emotional energy I’ve invested.  It’s almost time for our latest first date.

I’m nervous; I won’t lie about that.  I’m worried that the chemistry won’t be right.  I mean, we clicked so well together the first time, but memories fade slowly; those speeches you gave, the forced way things happened, and we just never had the love story we were both hoping for.  I’m worried that the expectations are just so high.  I’m worried that you’ll be like the hot cheerleader: pretty, but empty.  This time though…  Well, we’ve both promised it will be different this time.

Tonight, these fears will be taken care of.  I will set aside my trepidations, and just enjoy the evening.  The disscussions and over-analyzing will wait.  Because tonight…tonight is just about us.

And when you whisper those first words to me, I know exactly what you’ll say:

“A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away….”

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