Time & Recap

I had to go over to my parent’s house the other day.  No one else was home, but they had asked if I would stop by and take care of some “technical support” items that had come up in the last couple of weeks.  While I was there I experienced a very surreal moment; looking out the front windows at the block I grew up on, and thinking about time all those years ago.

Time is a strange thing.  It moves so slowly while we are in the moment, but so quickly looking back.  Other times, sitting with friends, the hours seem to fly, while others, a long lecture, the minutes trickle by.

I thought about playing baseball in my front yard.  About the swing set I had growing up.  I remembered riding my bike through the neighborhoods, and going for walks, and getting up for school.  I remember the sound of the dove that would coo in the backyard, and playing with my dog.  Of friends across the street and around the corner.

Of course, this is what time does.  Time is always the same, moving with the ultimate precision, and yet seems to move and bend.  Some events that were once immediate and important, are now so distant as to seem completely alien.  And others feel like they just occurred, though it has been years since I experienced them.

I look at my son.  Time must move so slowly for him right now.  But it is incredible how quickly he is growing up.  I look in the mirror and am amazed by the face looking back at me.  Our time here is short, but it can feel so long.  Use that time.  Make a difference.  Hug your kid.  Make someone’s short time here, better.

Make the world, better.

Let’s recap the week!

Please feel free to send an email at swordnquill at icloud dot com, or leave a comment below.  Would love to hear from any of you.

Until next week friends!


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